Courtney and Dave (made into a music video)
David proposed with a string of lights strung across a 30 foot fence. We were sure to put this awesome information as a centerpiece for their song! Congrats Courtney and Dave!

Pricing Starts at $499!

Use the song for a highlight video! Like the one below!

Christina and Evan
She couldn't get over the vest he was wearing the night they met, and compared it to what marty mcfly would wear. we had fun with this!
Ashtin and Cameron
California Cliff proposal. their proposal should be in a movie, at we at least was able to get it in a song. fun and upbeat!
Sara and David
Proposing in the rain makes for a great story, we made it an even greater song!
Dave and I wanted to thank you for making July 2 such a memorable event for us! You guys were spot on in everything you did and completely set the perfect mood all evening. We had an absolute blast on the dance floor! Our favorite moment was definitely the last dance. Getting to share those special few minutes dancing together in the giant ballroom to our custom song was so incredibly special! We can't wait to hear the song again! - Courtney & Dave