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Live Music/DJ Hybrid



Our Cutting Edge way to enhance the dancefloor experience. 

3-4 times throughout dancing our Musician will kick off the popular dance song with a solo instrument, The DJ then starts to bring in the beat (as the musician continues to play) the full energy of the song will soon take over as the musician steps out of the spotlight and the DJ takes over.


Custom Audio

A Perfect way to Honor your Father



Up Lighting



Custom Song

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WHEN YOU ORDER UP LIGHTING from Full Circle Melody, You aren't just coloring the room to match your wedding colors, you're not just giving your reception space unique character. What you're really doing is helping near homeless high school students with supplies, shelter, food and more.


50% of all of our Up Lighting profits will go to our friends at BRIDGES NORMAN as a way for Full Circle Melody to give back to the community.

Given So Far:

$175 Thank You Lauren and Chris!

$175 Thank You Monica and David!

$175 Thank You Lauren!

$125 Thank you Katie and Jeremy!

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