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We don't hire Musicians or DJs

We hire incredible people who happen to be Musicians/DJs

Meet The Team


Brooke Barnett

Musician/DJ/Team Lead


Jared Valouch

Musician/DJ/Owner/Team Lead


Catrina Needham

DJ/MC/Team Lead

"Their outgoing personalities and great music selection made our reception the party with family and friends that we hoped for. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing a wedding DJ!" - Brynne P


Chazlen Rook

Violinist/DJ/MC/Team Lead


Jeffrey Stevenson



Cindy Wackerly



Travis Wackerly

Musician/DJ/Owner/Team Lead


Cheyenne Needham

DJ/MC/Team Lead

Successful DJs do what Unsuccessful DJs are unwilling to do.

And that's a great lead-in to telling you what FCM is all about!

FCM wants to work with Couples' who want to have FUN, who want their guests to look back at the night and say "We're so glad we decided to spend our evening at that wedding". We want to work with couples' who are intentional about a celebration created together for your wedding Guests'.

If you're looking for Musicians and DJs who will simply play the right music during the right time, you shouldn't have a problem finding that kind of company, they're everywhere!

If you're looking for just an upgrade from having your uncle or friend "DJ" your wedding, we might not be a great fit for you, but others could be!

Your wedding reception is about you, but it's for your friends and family as a way of thanking them for taking the time to celebrate with you.

If you want to say Thank You to your friends and family in a special way, then let us help you create that ceremony and reception that not only has you as the focus of attention, but has your guests as a focus of the result you want, which is a fun and unforgettable evening for everyone involved.

At FCM, We are FOR and ABOUT YOU throughout the entire process, and helping you create Your Guests's Favorite Wedding, often resulting in Your Favorite Moments

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