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Helping you create your Guests' Favorite Wedding and Your Favorite Moments!

"They are not only great musicians but talented speakers & DJs as well that are not cheesy or over-done
Natalie, Married in April 2021

What We Do For You



"The live music at the ceremony was beautiful and exactly what we wanted." - Brynne


Live Music for both Ceremony and the Dinner Portion of your Reception.



"My only regret is that I didn't plan for a longer dancing time at our wedding- because it was just that fun!" - Claire


Our DJ/MC Strategy is one that will leave you wishing the night will never end.



"We are still receiving responses from our guests on how much they loved the unique fusion of live instruments and DJ music" - Schaller


We bring the energy to a whole new level with our exclusive Fusion concept. Violin and/or Saxophone!

Watch this Video to see how FCM provides a Music Experience from the first note of your ceremony to the last song of your night.

Find out how much fun your wedding can be with the FCM Experience

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Your Own Music Planning App

An app will never replace our personal connection with our clients.
But we do want to make planning easy for you for when you think of things in the middle of the night!

One of many perks to booking FCM is you get your very own mobile app. Add your favorite songs, share with friends and family so they can add requests, and FCM can help you solidify a timeline using the app as well! Think of a song in the middle of the night that you HAVE to add to the playlist? Open the app and add it in seconds!

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Yes, Let's Talk About Price.

When you book FCM, you start a relationship between humans, not titles. You don’t start a relationship with “FCM”, or “the DJ”. You start a relationship with Travis, Jared, Brooke or Keeton and we get to know you too!


When we focus on the personalization of your wedding, we have to focus on the creativity, the personalities and the human to human connection that allows us to do our best work for you. That goes far beyond just providing live music and DJ services. You don’t want an average wedding and we aren’t the average DJ/Entertainment company.


In order to give you our best work, our DJ services start at $1,700 with most of our couples investing $2,200-$3,100 into making their wedding great!


For over 10 years we’ve been asking ourselves after each wedding “how could we have created an even better experience for that couple?” and we can’t wait to show you what our experience has taught us as we start talking about your upcoming wedding.


Keeping our incredible reputation of being referred by the best wedding planners and venues in the Oklahoma/Texas and Kansas area and having over 300 combined online five star reviews starts at our next wedding - let’s talk about making your wedding our future next wedding. 

In order to give our Couples the attention they deserve we can only create 100 Wedding Experiences a year between our three teams. Fill out the form below for a Quick Availability Check.

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