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Q - How many Musicians show up to my wedding?


A - Depends on what package you book, for the Full Circle Package, Two professional, personal and fun musician/DJ/MC's come to your wedding. A violinist and guitarist. Each are trained vocalist and DJ/MC's. With the Solo Circle, One fun, professional and personal versatile musician (violin, guitar, vocals) who is also well trained as a DJ/MC. The Bluegrass Circle is a full, four piece bluegrass band, also covering your DJ/MC needs.


Q - Do you have a list of songs I can choose from?


A - Yes! Click HERE for a list of songs we've done before


Q - Do you have any video of you DJ'ing? Or, can I come to an event to watch you DJ?


A - The answer to this question may not be what you want to hear. We'll post clips from time to time but each wedding reception is very unique to each couple, and it's what most couples, rightfully so, are most picky about. Let's say you find a video of us doing the Cupid Shuffle, or Let it Go, or Turn Down for What, and you hate those songs, you might gather from that video that we are those kind of DJ's, the kind that you don't want, when in fact, it's specifically what the couple at the time wanted. Or you may show up to a wedding to watch us for five minutes, listen to us play a few non-dance tunes because this couple wanted us to stick to their set list and only their set list, stripping us from being able to use our creative side and song choice experience to get a dance floor hopping. Now, you're watching a DJ make sub-par song choices thinking it's the DJ's choices, when in fact we've been given strict instuction to not veer away from the song list given to us. From those couples we'd get a 5 start review, but you may only give us a 2 or 3 star review based off of someone elese's wedding. Each reception is different and we spend a lot of time with the couple to make that reception unique to them, and that couple may not share your style. We will, however post clips occasionally to our instagram or facebook.


Q - I don't see my song, can I request that you learn a song just for my wedding?


A - Yes! We learn new songs all the time, so if your song is not listed just let us know!


Q - What do you guys wear?


A - We always dress for the respect of the occasion. Most weddings are suit and tie so by default that is what we wear unless told otherwise.


Q - Do you require a deposit to hold my date?


A - Yes. A 50% deposit puts ink on our calendar for you!


Q - Is FCM opposed to playing same sex weddings?


A - FCM will be happy to play your same sex or traditional wedding.  


Q - How many hours does your cost include?


A - We do things by the event, so there won't be any overage charges on time.  The only exception to this is if your ceremony is in late morning and reception is in the evening we will have to charge for it being a full day event.


Q - How much experience does the Full Circle Melody teams have?


A - Years of musicianship and nearly 100 DJ/MC'd events just in the last year and a half. 


Q - Can a member of my family sing a song at the Ceremony?


A - Yes. Bring us the cd to play as a backing track and we'll hand the microphone over


Q - Are we supposed to tip the musicians/DJ/MC's at the end of the night?


A - The money you pay us for our services cover everything in full. If you feel your musicians did an incredible job (and we're confident they will) then a tip is always nice but not expected.







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