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Good is the Enemy of Great

When I first started getting into the Oklahoma and Texas Wedding Music, DJ and MC scene about seven years ago, I did it with the intentions of giving the best and most attentive services around.

Fast forward several years, with a few hundred weddings under my belt and no shortage of booking phone calls and you can see how it can be tempting to just be "Good". After all, being good is a part of what keeps us busy, so isn't being good, good enough? No, it's not our style and it never has been.

We may never reach Greatness, because being great is a journey, not a destination. At the time I'm writing this blog we have over 80 five star reviews scattered out online. Many reviews speak very highly of our professionalism, DJ, MC, Violin and other Wedding Music Services. Those reviews make us comfortable, but comfortable can be a dangerous place, especially in such a trendy market that's always on the forefront of something new.

I've invested last week in some continued educational training resources valued at around $800, and I don't plan to stop there. It can be tempting to pass on training resources that we are already highly trained in, but another dangerous thing is thinking we know it all and can't learn something from someone else. You can always learn something from someone else!

We put time, effort and hard earned money into continuing our journey to be Great Wedding Professionals, not just good. When we think we're doing good, we have to look for ways to improve, because the biggest enemy of being Great, is being content with being Good.

Thank you for trusting us to bring life and elegance to your Big Day! - Travis Wackerly - Founder and Musician for Full Circle Melody.

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